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Providing the gold standard of personal protection, our exceptionally versed team of ex-military and ex-policing specialists are available around the clock. An exclusive service for VIP and high-net-worth individuals, our close protection officers boast an unrivalled standard of situational awareness, managing risk continuously.


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Whether you’re seeking personal protection on an ad-hoc or ongoing basis, our operatives are experienced in responding to high-risk situations, from known threats to proactive risk management, such as paparazzi, mobs, and thieves. An incredible conscientiousness, an unobtrusive team with notable soft skills, we operate according to your needs, from discreet protection to a noticeable presence. Confidentiality, always.


Our elite ex-military and law enforcement personnel provide unparalleled personal protection

We conduct thorough risk assessments and craft personalized plans to mitigate threats

We provide continuous protection whenever and wherever you need it.

Our close protection officers possess exceptional situational awareness and response capabilities

You can rely on our team’s swift and effective response to any security threat

Our close protection officers are more than just bodyguards. They are highly trained professionals, many with backgrounds in elite military and law enforcement units.

Tailored Protection for Your Needs

Whether you require discreet protection for everyday activities or a high-visibility presence for public appearances, Taur Security can tailor our close protection services to your specific needs.

How We Work

Taur Security: Ensuring Your Safety with Discretion

At Taur Security, we understand that safety and discretion are paramount for our close protection clients. Here’s how we work with you to create a personalised security plan:

Schedule Your Confidential Close Protection Consultation Today!

Let Taur Security Ensure Your Close Protection Needs Are Met.
Confidential Consultation & Threat Assessment

Our close protection specialists will meet with you in a completely confidential setting to discuss your lifestyle, security concerns, and potential threats

Collaborative Security Plan Development

Based on the consultation and risk assessment, we'll work closely with you to develop a personalised close protection plan.

Pre-Assignment Training & Familiarisation

Our assigned close protection officers will undergo thorough training specific to your needs and potential threats identified in the risk assessment

Discreet & Proactive Close Protection

Our close protection officers will provide a watchful and unwavering presence, while maintaining a level of discretion that complements your lifestyle.

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