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With the assistance of professional handlers, security dogs act as a powerful deterrent to threats, with an unrivalled ability to detect intruders through their heightened hearing and sense of smell.

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Our distinguished team has a robust approach to identifying issues, mitigating risks, and responding to threats. Whether you’re seeking a visual presence at events or to discourage burglars, trespassers, or vandals, your call will be met with optimal efficiency, professionalism, and security.

Trained to the highest standards, our security dogs and handlers have extensive industry experience, honing their ability to detect risk, patrol expansive areas thoroughly and efficiently, and undertake controlled aggression when met with a threat. A cost-effective solution, reducing your need for guards.

K9 Security at Taur Security


Our K9 unit has a proven track record of success, receiving recognition within the security industry

We offer K9 security services around the clock to ensure continuous vigilance for your property.

Our experienced handlers maintain a strong bond with their canine partners, ensuring effective communication and control.

Our dogs are rigorously trained in controlled aggression, allowing them to neutralise threats with precision

K9 units offer a powerful and cost-efficient way to enhance your security posture.

Invest in a Security Solution with Bite

Taur Security’s K9 Unit security can be a powerful addition to your overall security strategy.

Unleashing the Power of K9 Unit Security

At Taur Security, we understand the unique advantages of K9 Unit security. Our highly trained security dogs and professional handlers provide a powerful and versatile security solution for a variety of needs

How We Work

Unleashing Powerful Security: How Taur Security's K9 Unit Works

At Taur Security, we believe K9 units are a valuable asset for comprehensive security. Here’s a look at how we work with you to integrate K9 security into your plan:

Schedule Your Free K9 Unit Security Consultation Today!

Let's discuss your security needs and explore how our K9 units can be a powerful asset in safeguarding your property
Collaborative Needs Assessment & Site Evaluation

We'll conduct a thorough site evaluation to assess the suitability of K9 security for your specific needs

Customised K9 Unit Deployment Plan

Based on the needs assessment and site evaluation, we'll develop a customised deployment plan for your K9 unit.

Rigorous Dog Training & Handler Pairing

We source our K9 units from reputable breeders and ensure they receive the highest standard of training in detection, obedience, and controlled aggression

Seamless Integration & Ongoing Support

Our K9 unit will be thoroughly familiarised with your property layout and patrol routes before deployment

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