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25% rise in shoplifting: Protect your store

Some 365,164 shoplifting offences were recorded by police in the first six months of 2023 – a 25% rise on the previous 12 months according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and as reported by Sky News.

Understandably this rise in shoplifting is causing significant issues for businesses financially, for the safety and wellbeing of employees and customer confidence.

Only this week did we see first-hand a young couple walk into the local shop and blatantly started steeling items from the store despite members of staff continuously asking them to leave. It was when the couple had grabbed as much as they could carry and went to leave did an elderly member of the public confronted the couple which unfortunately led to the elderly man being punched in the face and the shoplifters making away with the goods.

And unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident.

Although it may be difficult to stop all shoplifters, shop owners are putting measures in place to protect their stores, employees and customers.

Here, we have listed below a few of these popular security solutions:

  • CCTV: Installing internal and external CCTV cameras in key locations of your store can help to limit the actions of shoplifters. In addition, CCTV footage can help police forces to identify and prosecute offenders.
  • Face Recognition Technology: This technology enables CCTV stills to be matched with mugshots, helping police forces to identify offenders. The Metropolitan Police are currently working with major retailers in London rolling out Facial Recognition Technology to target the most prolific offenders.
  • Security Guard: A trained and licenced security guard on the door of your store can help to deter shoplifters. The security guard can help to identify potential offenders and respond professionally to an incident should it occur. In addition, having a security officer present can give reassurance and a feel of safety to employees and customers.

How Taur Security can help

Taur Security is a London based security provider renowned in the industry for providing a first-class security service.

If you are experiencing issues with shoplifting at your store and need support, please speak with us today and lets have a chat about the most effective and appropriate security strategy for you and your store.

020 3488 5211, info@taursecurity.co.uk


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