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Do you need a security license to be a bouncer?

Security License at Taur Security

Think back to when you were last at an event such as a music concert or partying the night away at your local nightclub.

Can you remember the ‘bouncer’ or security guard on the doors, maybe he or she searched your bag or checked your ID on entry?

If so, did you take notice if they were showing a badge, maybe on their arm or on a lanyard?

Quite understandably you had more important things to do like getting into the venue and heading straight to the bar so you might not have looked, but next time, take a moment and see if the security guard is wearing a security licence.

In this blog post, we will answer the commonly asked question ‘is a bouncer the same as a security guard?’ along with exploring whether security guards should be licenced, how to apply for an SIA Licence and the role of the Security Industry Authority.

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Is a bouncer the same as a security guard?

So, here it is, the question that most people ask, ‘Is a bouncer the same as a security guard?’.

In theory, yes!

A ‘bouncer’ is the term commonly used to describe a security guard that typically stands at the entrance of a pub or night club and is employed to ensure that the public and everyone at the venue remain safe and laws upheld, amongst other duties.

Bouncers or security guards are arguably the most widely known service that security companies provide. However, they can undertake more roles such as close protection for celebrities and public figures.

Do you need a security licence to be a bouncer?

All bouncers or security guards should hold valid front line SIA Licences.

By being licenced they are showing that they are vetted, trained and competent to effectively carry out their duties.

The security licence which will display the security guards picture, name and SIA number should be clearly visible at all times.

How to get an SIA Licence

You can apply for an SIA Licence by visiting – https://www.gov.uk/guidance/apply-for-an-sia-licence

To successfully apply for an SIA Licence, you will need to meet the SIA’s credibility checks. This includes providing information on your Identity, address history, age, qualifications, criminal record, right to work in the UK and mental health.

Role of the Security Industry Authority

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry in the UK, in accordance with the security act 2001.

Following the requirements set by the SIA it gives reassurance to businesses and the public of the security providers commitment to delivering a quality and professional service, therefore, a provider which you can trust and have confidence in.

Taur Security

Taur Security is a professional security organisation in London that provides licenced security guards to pubs, clubs and public venues across the UK.

We are renowned in the industry for providing a professional and bespoke security service that exceeds our clients expectations.  

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