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Does my pub need security? The question that many landlords are asking! | Taur Security

With rises in running costs, understandably many pubs and clubs like yours, are wondering whether they really need the extra cost of employing a security guard on your doors, I mean nine times out of ten everybody behaves themselves, right?

But there only needs to be that one person on that one night where chaos erupts and people get injured.

A court case could follow, with you ultimately being held responsible. Let alone the untold damage to your pubs or clubs’ reputation.

And your left wondering why I didn’t invest in security?!

Benefits of investing in a door supervisor

A door supervisor is a security guard employed to help keep staff, visitors and the public safe along with protecting the venue and its assets.

By investing in security and having a trained officer on your pub’s doors, you can gain the benefits of:

  • Making customers feel welcome and safe
  • Supporting customer service
  • Visual deterrent
  • Trained and competent officers’ responding to and reducing misbehaviour etc.
  • Securing your premises, assets and more.

How Taur Security can help

Taur Security is a professional security organisation that provides trusted door supervision services to many popular pubs and clubs in London and surrounding areas.

With a commitment to excellence, our focus is delivering a first-class service that keeps your staff, customers and the public safe along with building a strong working relationship with you, our customer.

Our door supervisors hold valid SIA licences, attend regular CPD training, are polite and presentable, therefore giving you confidence in the service that we provide.

Our services can be tailored to meet your individual needs and requirements. This can include one guard being deployed during your busiest hours or multiple guards on duty throughout the week.

What our customers say about Taur

We have built strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers, with our security personnel often receiving high customer praise.

Contact Taur today!

Taur Security is a London based security provider renowned in the industry for providing a first-class, trusted security service for pubs and clubs.

Our affordable, professional door supervision services can be tailored to meet your pubs individual requirements.

Please contact our management team today for more information regarding our door supervision security services and for a free, no-obligation quotation.

020 3488 5211, info@taursecurity.co.uk


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