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Event Security: Checklist for choosing a suitable security provider

Club Security Services at Taur Security

When planning public and private events, should that be a one-night boxing event, a local food festival or a large music concert; having the right level of security in place can be the difference in the event being a success and one remembered for all the right reasons.

Imagine this, your event is in full swing. Guests enjoying themselves. Everyone leaves safely and are quick to book again on future events.

Great, job done. Right?!

However, what guests didn’t see, is the fight that nearly broke out in the corner, which could have had serious implications for the event and people’s safety, had the hired security personnel not of spotted the signs and addressed the situation quickly, appropriately and diffusing the situation.

Hiring security will help ensure that guests remain safe whilst at your premises, that you meet your legal and health & safety obligations and in doing so, safeguard your reputation as an event provider.

In this blog post, we will provide you with a checklist that you can use when searching for a security provider for your upcoming events along with key information that will be of help!

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Selecting a credible security provider.

When looking to hire a security provider, it is important to do your research and choose a proven, credible security company such as Taur.

You can check to see if they hold the prestigious, industry recognised SIA ACS approval, view case studies where the company have provided security at similar events in the recent past along with viewing customer feedback.

Trained and vetted security personnel.

The security guards employed should hold valid SIA Licences. By being SIA licenced they are showing that they are vetted, trained and competent to effectively carry out their duties.

To ensure safety and the effectiveness of the security being provided, there should be suitable numbers of security personnel assigned and that is appropriate for the venue size, layout, number of guests attending and potential risks.


So, here it is. Your checklist for hiring a security provider for your upcoming event:

Risk Assessments

As each event will pose different security risks, it is fundamental in the planning stages to conduct a full risk assessment. This will help identify what security threats could arise before, during and after the event and with measures being put in place to address those risks (Taur Security can carry out a risk assessment for you).

Crowd Management Measures

For larger events, crowd management practices should be used to ensure large gatherings are controlled in an orderly and problem-free manner. This could include imposing vehicle and pedestrian traffic flows in the areas surrounding the venue. Crowd control barriers and turnstiles are being installed at the venue’s entrances and signposts displayed to help keep crowds moving.

Trained and Licensed Security Personnel

Should it be a private party you’re hosting or a large music concert, having the appropriate number of trained and licensed security personnel in place is fundamental.

How many people are expected to attend?

Consider the amount of people expected to attend the event, this will help you to determine the most effective security solution and the number of security personnel required for the event.

What are the biggest security concerns and the likelihood of an incident happening?

Take into consideration what the biggest security concerns are for the event and likelihood of them happening (this will often form part of the initial risk assessment.

 Taur Security is a London based security provider that offers a range of professional security solutions including manned guarding, crowd management and canine services for public and private events in the UK.

We are renowned in the industry for providing a professional and bespoke security service that exceeds our clients expectations and that help keep the public safe.

Please contact our management team today for more information regarding our Event Security Services and for a free, no-obligation quotation.

020 3488 5211, info@taursecurity.co.uk


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