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Life on the doors with Taur Security

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Joining in with February’s National Story Telling Week, in this post we give you a unique perspective of life on the doors, the highs, challenges and what motivates our guards to continue to be involved in the industry.

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According to the Security Industry Authority SIA, in 2022, there were a recorded 64,226 active security guarding licences here in the UK – a staggering amount!

Here at Taur Security, we work with a range of businesses providing professional security services including deploying security guards on the doors of pubs, clubs and public venues.

As a security guard or ‘bouncer’ as some might say, it is our responsibility to do everything reasonably practicable to provide a safe environment for you, the public, when on the premises.

On the doors, our duties often include vetting individuals on entry, ensuring you are of the correct age and that you are not entering the venue with banned or illegal substances such as drugs or even weapons.

Our duties involve more than just checking endless amounts of id however, when inside the premises, we keep observant, ensuring you are safe and that laws are upheld. This includes fire exists remaining clear from obstacles and quickly identifying and removing individuals who are causing disturbance – in doing so, maintaining a safe and positive environment for you to enjoy.

There are great perks of our job, which can include meeting celebrities and public figures. Sharing a joke with you when waiting to enter the venue and not to mention the comradely we share with our colleagues.

With the nature of our job however, it can mean long, unsociable working hours, beginning at 8pm and not finishing until 4am the following morning.

And unfortunately, during our shifts, we ourselves can become the target of abuse from individuals whose safety we are responsible for.

Verbal and even physical attacks do happen and being injured can lead to time off work, missed paydays, along with long-term damaging effects on our physical and mental health.

After a successful shift, it is often on the way home and over the next couple of days, we as guards reflect on the events of the evening.

A strong satisfaction begins to grow knowing that we, by acting in the correct way and carrying out my responsibilities, stopped that fight from breaking out.

And that fight could have led to someone being harmed, seriously harmed. And what would the wider implications have been?

What impact could that event of had on the victim’s health, physical and mental, his family and livelihood?

It is this satisfaction, knowing I stopped such an incident from happening, that gives me pride in my profession and the motivation to continue and have a long, successful career in security and on the doors.

Taur Security is a London based security provider that offers a range of professional security solutions including manned guarding, crowd management and canine services for public and private events in the UK.

We are renowned in the industry for providing a professional and bespoke security service that exceeds our clients expectations and that help keep the public safe.

Please contact our management team today for more information regarding our Event Security Services and for a free, no-obligation quotation.

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