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What is a security dog? Your guide to Patrol Dog Services

Mobile Patrol Secuity at Taur Security

The cost of living is increasing for many of us.

When times get tough, it can sometimes be the tigger for a rise in criminal activity with businesses often a key target.

Hopefully it will never happen to you but what if it did?

Should your business unit be broken into and stock taken, how would it affect your company’s operations?

Businesses like yours are investing in security with Dog Security Services proving a popular and effective choice for those with larger business units, warehouses and multiple sites.

In this blog post, we will look at what is a Security Dog, provide an overview of the role of Security Dogs, how they are trained along with explaining the difference between a Security Dog and a Search & Detection Dog.

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What is a Security Dog?

A Security Dog is a specifically trained dog used to assist police and other law-enforcement personnel to carry out their duties.

Security dogs and their handlers undertake rigorous training to ensure they are safe to be around the public yet effective in performing their duties.

The role of a Patrol Dog

Patrol Dogs are generally deployed to guard larger spaces, patrol parameters and help protect complex environments where there may be heightened risk.

Along with acting as a visual deterrent, Patrol Dogs bring an added skill set through their increased sense of smell and hearing; helping to enhance security, deter potential criminals and even detain offenders.

So, how are Patrol Dogs trained?

Patrol Dogs and their handlers undertake professional training to ensure that they capable of carrying out their roles professionally, effectively and safely.

The National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) is an organisation recognised by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), British Standards and Animal Welfare Groups which promotes high standards, training and education within the private security dog sector.

When searching for a credible security dog provider, check to see if they are trained to NASDU Standards!

How can a Patrol Dog help protect my business?

Detailed below are 5 key points that we believe are of great benefit to businesses like yours:

1. Patrol

Security dogs and their handlers will patrol the perimeter of a site either on foot or by vehicle and respond to any threats that may arise.

2. Static Guarding

Security dogs and their handlers are often used to protect specific points for example, entrances to buildings.

3. Crowd Controls

Where large groups of people are in attendance, security dogs are deployed due to their ability to respond to multiple offenders.

Taur Security

Taur Security provides professional Patrol Dog Security services to businesses based across the UK.

Trained to NASDU standards, our security dogs and handlers can be deployed to prove a popular and effective choice for those with larger business units, warehouses and multiple sites.

Our dog security services can be employed for a one-off event or for a longer-term solution.

Contact us today and find out how our professional Patrol Dog services can benefit you, keeping your premises safe and business on track.

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