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What is the best security services for my business? | Business Security Services | Taur Security

Watching the news this morning, I couldn’t help but be concerned about the ever-constant rises in everyday living costs. Perhaps you are too?

Looking after our businesses and ensuring they continue to be successful with little disruption seems critical in getting through these difficult times.

Break-ins and vandalism continue to affect many businesses; however, something that we cannot afford.

Many of us are now asking, ‘what is the best security product or service for my business?’. The response can often be long and complex, with a confusing and expensive list of products and services thrown into the debate.

So, we thought we would cut through the jargon and give you our answer.

Firstly, we will look at a couple of popular contenders before revealing our number one!


CCTV is a popular choice for many businesses and is often used in office blocks, inside shops and outside warehouse units. It is considered relatively cost-effective, low maintenance, and a critical visual deterrent.

A key strength of security cameras is that they can be positioned at critical points, such as at your business’s premises entrance.

With the development in technology, CCTV systems can pick up movement during out of work hours and send instant alerts to business owners or the security guard on duty, who can then act accordingly.

However, CCTV has unfortunately proved ineffective in many situations despite these benefits. It has often been unable to identify those involved, with some bold criminals even boasting to the CCTV cameras.

Alarm Response

Alarm Response is a security service where a trained security team responds to an alarm activation, such as when your shop’s intruder alarm is triggered.

The security provider employed will act by sending a team of trained security guards to the business address who will take appropriate action to mitigate the situation.

A key benefit of alarm response security is that trained and competent security guards can be on the scene in minutes and stop criminals in their tracks.

However, alarm response is often seen as reactive instead of a proactive deterrent.

Our Answer

With an increase in everyday costs, choosing the exemplary security service for your business that gives value for money and delivers the protection your business needs is essential.

Commercial mobile patrols

So, here it is! The best business security service, we believe, is commercial mobile patrols.

This is how it works. Your business premises are guarded by a marked security vehicle driven by two trained, licenced and experienced security professionals.

The security vehicle makes drive-by’s during evenings and out of work hours, keeping an eye out, ensuring they are seen and securing your premises and assets do not become victims of criminal activity.

Commercial mobile patrols share the benefit of being a visual, proactive deterrent, with the security professionals able to act as eyewitnesses helping to identify those offending and stepping in and responding to incidents when they occur.  

We believe this is the best and most cost-effective security service for your business.

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